Hello ! I’m back, unbelievable !

What ? It’s June already ? Oh. Well, it means I’m a bit late… But it was a tricky work to accomplish this little game in this little time all by myself. I hope you’ll enjoy it !

PROBE is a single player platformer game. I’d recommend to play it with a pad (I do, using Xpadder), but it should work with a keyboard as well. If you’re on Windows 7, you should run the application as administrator (right-click, etc…), otherwise the game won’t work properly.

UP allows you to jump.

SPACE creates a block under the Probe (as long as you have some in stock).

ENTER engages the auto-destruction of the Probe, which is particularly useful if you get stuck because of your own blocks, for example.

And the LEFT or RIGHT arrow keys obviously are used to go left or right.

Careful ! You need to refill the probe’s energy in lit areas quite often, otherwise your probe will progressively lose its power, become slower and slower and finally turn off, cutting the signal.


(please note that all sounds used in this game are not mine, and licensed under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license, from

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A glimpse at PROBE

Hi everyone !
This a picture of the current game I’m working on !

It should be a platform game based on a screen by screen progression. I don’t want to say too much about it yet, but one special gameplay feature is as you can create a limited number of “blocks” under your character to manage your progression through the stages.

It will be short (I’m planning for a 30 minutes experience) and quiet harsh, but not as aggravating as DOT., I received the message ;). It should be released on late may.

(Also, I’m looking for playtesters 🙂 !)

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Hey, it’s here ! It’s here ! At last ! My FIRST INDEPENDENT GAME !!!

Aah, it’s hard to believe…I’ve done it ! Now I can take over the world !!!!! Where is my phone…? Surely some BIG producer will call soon to offer me to manage a team on a AAA über production where I could express all my creativity in a…

No, shut this trivial fantasy. This is a quiet humble game for a start. Short, precise and hard in an old-school frustrating kind of way. It begun like an experiment for me while I started to learn a software for making quick and fun prototypes. I found a little gameplay, testing parameters, and enjoyed exploring his potential. A few graphical improvements with the precious help of my old buddy Pixoshiru, and this is the result : DOT. .

You are Dot. And you’re a dot. You are trapped in a prison of squares. The lights shut down while you progress in the complex, searching for an exit. But beware of the greens ! These fellows are without mercy : they will chase you the instant they see you, and never stop ! Find the exit, find your salvation : go, DOT , go and escape !

By the green square

Kill in one shot

Of the tight spot

You must beware

’cause you’re a Dot

In a nightmare !

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This is a message from Alpha Centauri

Well, in fact, no, this is a message from Marseille, but it doesn’t sound sexy enough a title for my first post here.

So, welcome to my place : this webpage will be dedicated to host my productions concerning independent video games. These could be games that I will craft (with love) during my free time, or maybe some little experiments (understand : not really games because too shitty or weird to be called that way).

My purpose is to recover various feedbacks from players to improve my skills, so feel free to comment or send mail if you want to give me your impressions about a game, your advices or a load of inspired pirate insults (I can never refuse a good duel).

See you soon with the first shot of my anticipated Tetralogy (or maybe Heptalogy ?) in the Koubo’s independent game design revolution master plan (occuring in a Meta-universe planified for decades…or maybe not…).

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