This is a message from Alpha Centauri

Well, in fact, no, this is a message from Marseille, but it doesn’t sound sexy enough a title for my first post here.

So, welcome to my place : this webpage will be dedicated to host my productions concerning independent video games. These could be games that I will craft (with love) during my free time, or maybe some little experiments (understand : not really games because too shitty or weird to be called that way).

My purpose is to recover various feedbacks from players to improve my skills, so feel free to comment or send mail if you want to give me your impressions about a game, your advices or a load of inspired pirate insults (I can never refuse a good duel).

See you soon with the first shot of my anticipated Tetralogy (or maybe Heptalogy ?) in the Koubo’s independent game design revolution master plan (occuring in a Meta-universe planified for decades…or maybe not…).

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