Hey, it’s here ! It’s here ! At last ! My FIRST INDEPENDENT GAME !!!

Aah, it’s hard to believe…I’ve done it ! Now I can take over the world !!!!! Where is my phone…? Surely some BIG producer will call soon to offer me to manage a team on a AAA über production where I could express all my creativity in a…

No, shut this trivial fantasy. This is a quiet humble game for a start. Short, precise and hard in an old-school frustrating kind of way. It begun like an experiment for me while I started to learn a software for making quick and fun prototypes. I found a little gameplay, testing parameters, and enjoyed exploring his potential. A few graphical improvements with the precious help of my old buddy Pixoshiru, and this is the result : DOT. .

You are Dot. And you’re a dot. You are trapped in a prison of squares. The lights shut down while you progress in the complex, searching for an exit. But beware of the greens ! These fellows are without mercy : they will chase you the instant they see you, and never stop ! Find the exit, find your salvation : go, DOT , go and escape !

By the green square

Kill in one shot

Of the tight spot

You must beware

’cause you’re a Dot

In a nightmare !

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