Hello ! I’m back, unbelievable !

What ? It’s June already ? Oh. Well, it means I’m a bit late… But it was a tricky work to accomplish this little game in this little time all by myself. I hope you’ll enjoy it !

PROBE is a single player platformer game. I’d recommend to play it with a pad (I do, using Xpadder), but it should work with a keyboard as well. If you’re on Windows 7, you should run the application as administrator (right-click, etc…), otherwise the game won’t work properly.

UP allows you to jump.

SPACE creates a block under the Probe (as long as you have some in stock).

ENTER engages the auto-destruction of the Probe, which is particularly useful if you get stuck because of your own blocks, for example.

And the LEFT or RIGHT arrow keys obviously are used to go left or right.

Careful ! You need to refill the probe’s energy in lit areas quite often, otherwise your probe will progressively lose its power, become slower and slower and finally turn off, cutting the signal.


(please note that all sounds used in this game are not mine, and licensed under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license, from

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One Response to PROBE

  1. I’m just downloading it, saw the news about it on Looks like a nice game.

    For the future – try your hosting at, it’s much better than any other file hosting site I know.


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